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October 9, 2015

Updated plans:

The R5/PD plan is in response to the feedback received from the Plan Commissioners at the last hearing held December 12, 2007. View the Plan.

Notable elements include:

1) Reduction of 6 units, from 67 to 61; 59 units are in the PD, the remaining lots 1 & 2 are rezoned from R2 to R5 .

2) Reduction of 18 duplex (single family attached) units from 48 to 30.

3) Increase of 12 age restricted single family units, from 17 to 29.

4) Increase in the total open space of 1.8 acres in excess of the 2.65 acre existing pond.

5) Increase in the total length and connectivity of the pedestrian paths

6) Increase in the width of the KLM access path and easement

7) Decrease in the number of front loaded garages and increase in driveway length

8) Change to the roadway configuration (leaving the northwest corner as-is) to preserve more open space

The R4 plan is in response to discussions regarding an alternative plan that would conform to all requirements of the R4 zoning ordinance. View the Plan.

Notable elements include:

1) 57 total units

2) 54 age restricted single family homes

3) 3 single family homes (on lots 1, 2 and 57) with no-restrictions are the existing homes under construction.

4) All lots conform to R4 zoning requirements

5) Increase in the total open space of 0.8 acres in excess of the 2.65 acre existing pond.


Letter of Proposal - A letter to President Michael Woerner, Board of Trustees, and Members of the Plan Commission from Warren A. James, Principal at Edward R. James Partners, LLC dated August 22, 2007
Table of Contents
I. Introduction - Application
  a. Basic Plan Commission Application
  b. Planned Development Application
  c. Special Use Application
  d. Map Amendment Appliation
  e. Exterior Appearance Application
  f. Required Park Donation Calculation & Objection to Density Formula
  g. Proof of Ownership
II. Site Plans
  a. Illustrated Site Plan
  b. Building Pad Comparison
  c. Land Use Context Map
  d. County Line Road Building Relationships
  e. 55th Street Building Relathionships
  f. Laurie Lane Building Relationships
  g. Planned Development Data Table
III. Architecture
  a. Architecture Home Description and Design Intent
  b. Single Family Detached - Elevations & Materials
  c. Single Family Detached - Floor Plans
  d. Single Family Attached Elevations & Materials

e. Single Family Attached - Floor Plans

  f. Single Family Attached - Adaptive Re-use Plan & Elevation
  g. Architectural Styles & Details
IV. Studies and Analyses
  a. Fiscal Impact Analysis
  b. Traffic Study
  c. Open Space Analysis
  d. Lot Size Analysis
  e. Existing Single Family Market Data
  f. Empty Nester Housing Data
V. Plat of Survey - Engineering
  a. Engineer's Infrastructure Capacity Analysis
  b. Preliminary Plat
  c. Existing Conditions
  d. Building Setback Lines
  e. Preliminary Grading Plan
  f. Preliminary Engineering Plan
  g. ROW and Easement Illustration & Calculation
  h. Utility Relocation Plan
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