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2018 Infrastructure Progress 8-7 (002)

The Village of Hinsdale began implementing the Master Infrastructure Plan (MIP) in 2009. A proposed Accelerated Roadway and Infrastructure Plan has been approved. For 2018, the Village implemented two separate construction projects. They are the North Side Infrastructure Project and the South Side Infrastructure Project.  During these projects, roads in the Village deemed as in "poor" or "failing" condition will be either resurfaced or reconstructed, along with improvements to the sewer and gutter system.

The Village will continue to provide timely updates through the website and email. If you would like to receive Construction Activity Notices via email, please contact Al Diaz, Assistant Village Engineer at adiaz@villageofhinsdale.org. 

The project design was awarded to GSG Consultants in 2017.  Construction began in early 2018, with work substantially completed by October 1st on the North project and October 29th on the South project.

2018 North Infrastructure Project
Street Name From To
Birchwood Road Madison Street East End
Briargate Terrace Madison Street East End
Canterbury Court         Madison Street East End
Madison Street Ogden Ave Glendale Ave
The Pines Bonnie Brae Rd. North End
Bonnie Brae Rd. The Pines Washington Street
Washington Street Ogden Ave Glendale Ave
North Street Adams West End
Hickory Street Adams West End
Monroe Street North Street Ogden Ave
Lincoln Street North Street Ogden Ave
Elm Street Ravine Road Ogden Ave
The Lane Garfield County Line Road
Jefferson Street Minneola Street North End
Franklin Street Fuller Road North End
Maumell Street York Road Garfield
Garfield Ave The Lane North End
Hampton Place Elm Street Oak Street
Elm Street Walnut Hickory
Maple Street Stough Monroe Street
Bruner Street Town Place Chestnut
Wedgewood Ct. Madison St. West End
Warren Ct. Madison St. West End
Morris Lane Madison St. West End
Madison Street Warren Court Morris Lane

2018 South Infrastructure Project
Street Name From To
Adams Street Chestnut St South End
Quincy Street Town Place Chestnut Street
Hinsdale Ave         Jackson Stough
Hinsdale Ave Monroe Grant
Chicago Ave Garfield Ave County Line Road
County Line Road Chicago Ave 6th Street
Elm Street 4th Street 6th Street
Lincoln Street 8th Street 5th Street
Bruner Street 4th Street 6th Street
Bruner Street 8th Street South End
Jackson Street 6th Street South End
Stough Street 8th Street 9th Street
Seventh Street Stough Quincy
Eighth Street Bruner Madison
Madison Street 9th Street 55th Street
57th Street Madison St. Grant Street
59th Street Grant Street Garfield Ave.
Ninth Court Park Ave Elm Street
Park Ave 8th Street 9th Court
Elm Street 8th Street 9th Court
Ninth Street Elm St. County Line Road
Oak Street 9th Street South End

2018 North Side Construction Notices

2018 South Side Construction Notices