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Response Statistics

In 2017, the Hinsdale Fire Department responded to 2,464 calls for assistance that are divided into three (3) basic categories as follows:

Fire Calls (includes all types of fires, activated fire alarms, and smoke reports) 648 calls 26%
Ambulance Calls (includes all types of ambulance calls, vehicle accidents, and patient assist calls) 1287 calls 52%
Emergency Responses (includes all responses to hazardous conditions, rescue calls, extrications, and service calls) 529 calls 22%

Responding to these many calls equals almost one call every 3 1/2 hours (almost seven calls in a 24-hour period). Because of this volume of calls, an important note is that while the firefighters averaged a call every three or so hours, emergencies are not scheduled and often calls are received when others are already in progress. In 2017, there were 354 simultaneous calls. This means that of all the calls, approx 15% of the calls were received while we were already out on an emergency call. Emergency crews were delayed by a train while responding to an emergency call 24 times last year.