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Historic Overlay District & Historic Preservation Incentives

In 2022, the Village of Hinsdale established a Historic Overlay District to assist property owners with the preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of historically significant properties throughout the Village. Owners of properties included on the Historically Significant Structures Property List may be eligible for different voluntary preservation incentives to help with exterior improvements, the construction of a building addition, or other historic preservation projects, including:
  • Access to flexible alternative zoning regulations that not are afforded to new construction, including the waiving of floor area ratio (FAR) and building height, reduced setbacks, and increased lot coverage
  • Permit and application fee waivers
  • Expedited processing of applications
  • A property tax rebate for the Village portion of a tax bill
  • Matching grant funds
If you are interested in listing your home on the Historically Significant Structures Property List or have questions about the program, please contact the Village Planner, Bethany Salmon, at 630-789-7035 or

Program Information
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•    Historic Overlay District Boundaries - Village Zoning Map
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Preservation Incentive Application Information 
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