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IBLP Property Redevelopment

Please see the following supporting documents for the proposed redevelopment of the Institute of Basic Life Principles (IBLP) property located at 707 West Ogden Avenue, as well as the  2020 Ryan & McNaughton proposals, both of which were withdrawn by the applicants as noted below.

For questions or concerns about the redevelopment, please contact Village Planner Bethany Salmon at (630)789-7035 or

Hinsdale Senior Residences by Ryan Companies – Submitted 6/24/2021

Heather Highlands by McNaughton Development (Submitted 4/1/2021, Last Revised 5/20/2021)

Hinsdale Senior Residences by Ryan Companies (west of Adams)  (application withdrawn 8/27/20)

Heather Highlands of Hinsdale by McNaughton Development (east of Adams) (application withdrawn 9/22/20)

Public Comment - Public Hearing Case A-20-20, McNaughton Heather Highlands