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Dogs in Parks

Dogs are NOT allowed in Hinsdale parks!

Click here for information about dogs at KLM Park.

Dogs must be leashed unless in the off-leash area of KLM Park.

Dogs are only permitted at the Off-Leash Area at Katherine Legge Memorial Park during specific hours:
April 1- October 31: 6:00-10:00am, 6:00-9:00pm
November 1 - March 31: 6:00-10:00am, 4:00-8:00pm

Anywhere NORTH of the creek! Do NOT walk your dog near playgrounds, pavilions, parking lots, the Lodge, or any buildings in the park! Maps illustrating the permitted areas below are also posted throughout KLM Park. They can also be found on our website at 

dog map 2

Dogs are not allowed in any other area of KLM Park, nor are they allowed in any other Hinsdale Park.

KLM Dog Park Rules and Reminders:
  • Park users with dogs must use the parking lot off County Line Road, west lot.
  • Dogs are ONLY permitted North of the creek.
  • Dogs must remain on leash until they are north of the creek. Dog users must park in the lot near the KLM Lodge. Dogs must stay leashed and use the area west of the paved path to travel to the north end of the park.
  • Dogs are NOT permitted in other areas of the park, even if they are leashed.
  • No more then 2 dogs per handler are permitted.
  •  Dog owners must clean up after their dogs.
  • Dogs are not permitted in KLM Park during a Village sponsored or authorized event when a sign is posted.
  •  All dogs must: 1) wear a collar, 2) be appropriately licensed and wear a tag as proof of licensing or, if no license is required in the dog's domicile, wear a tag with the owner's name, address and phone number, and 3) wear proof of current rabies inoculation
  • When dogs are off leash they must be within physical proximity and within sight of its owner at all times. All dogs must comply to voice command.
Any violators of the rules above will be ticketed by Hinsdale Police.

Please remember - KLM Park is home to many different programs and events. Not everyone likes dogs, so please keep your distance and stay away from other park users! Better leash than sorry!

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