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Frequently Asked Questions - Juvenile Matters

Q. What is the nightly curfew for teens and what is the age cut-off?
A. Our Village Ordinance for curfew is Sunday-Thursday 11pm-6am, and Friday through Saturday it is 12am-6am. This is for teens under the age of 17 (16 and under).

Q. What is a Graduated Drivers License in Illinois? A. In the State of Illinois, there are rules for licenses for drivers ages 15, 16-17 and 18-20.  Until the age of 18, a driver’s license is invalid between the hours of: Sun-Thurs, 10pm-6am and F ri-Sat, 11pm-6am.  These are different from local curfew hours.  The number of passengers in a car may be limited, and cell phone use, including a hands-free device, is prohibited under the age of 19 (except to contact an emergency services provider).  For more information on Graduated Driver License laws please click here or visit

 Q. What is Peer Jury? A. Peer Jury is a Diversionary Program that is designed for first time offenders for most non-violent crimes, with some exceptions. The program is set up as an alternative to going through the court system. It is a form of Restorative Justice that tries to rebuild the trust between the offender, victim, and the community. The program is run through the Downers Grove Police Department. Instead of appearing before a judge, the offender would have to discuss the incident in front of a group of juveniles that are in his age group. If you have any further questions regarding the program or would like to sign your child up to be a juror please contact Officer Dan Mazepa at  or Officer Karen Kowal at  The Hinsdale Police Department also has in-house diversion programs for offenses considered a status offense due to the juvenile’s age.


 There are also many other programs that we currently run. We pride ourselves on doing everything we can to equip the youth in this Community with the knowledge it takes to make safe and educated decisions in life. We also take that extra step in order to make sure they are learning from their mistakes. If you would like more information on any of these programs, other juvenile programs, or if you have any other questions/concerns please contact me at I would be happy to answer them!