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Block Watch Program

blockwatchThe Hinsdale Police Department implemented "Block Watch" with the purpose of enlisting the help of residents who have home outdoor video cameras to solve neighborhood crimes. Oftentimes, investigators have found when canvassing a neighborhood after a crime has occurred that a home video system may have captured a picture of a suspect or a vehicle. This can be a valuable lead that can help in an investigation and may lead to an arrest.

The Block Watch program is a voluntary program that asks residents with who have outdoor surveillance cameras to register their cameras with the Police Department. If a crime occurs in the neighborhood we will ask you to check your camera system to see if you captured a picture that may aid in our investigation.

There is no charge to participate in the program and program participants will be kept confidential.


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Thank you for registering for the Hinsdale Police Department Block Watch Program. The information you have provided to us will be used for investigative purposes only, and will not be disseminated for other solicitations of the Village or for any commercial purposes. If you have any questions about this program, contact Sergeant Mark Wodka by email: or (630) 789-7086.