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Crime Prevention Tips

The Hinsdale Police Department wants to remind residents to be cautious and take steps to ensure they verify the identity and sponsorship of door-to-door solicitors before making donations.

The Hinsdale Police Department offers these tips related to phone and in person solicitations:
  • Whether in person or by phone, be aware of solicitors using high pressure tactics or solicitors who prey upon your sympathies to get an immediate donation.
  • Never feel pressured to provide a payment immediately.  At your convenience, research the charity or legitimacy of the company online before you make a decision to donate.
  • Never make arrangements to have someone pick up money from your home.
  • Be aware that while your caller ID may show a local number many phone solicitors are actually calling from across the state or even out-of-state.  It is easy to make calls appear to come from any phone number.
  • Be suspicious when asked for ‘cash’ only donations or ‘gift card’ payment.
  • Always verify the name of the organization including their address, phone number and the identity of the caller or the person at your door step.
  • Never assume that a friendly voice belongs to a trustworthy caller.
  • Never allow a solicitor into your home to use the bathroom or to complete paperwork.  If a solicitor wants you to come outside, be aware they may have a ‘co-worker’ ready to go into your home while you are distracted.
  • Always ask for identification or to see their Village of Hinsdale Solicitor’s permit before listening to any sales pitch.  Solicitors should be wearing a blue vest issued by the Village of Hinsdale.  A few exemptions from the permit requirement include: juveniles under the age of 15, religious organizations, individuals proselytizing, and political organizations/individuals.  See the Village Ordinance for more detail.
  • If you pay for a product, always get a receipt.
  • Never give your credit card number, Social Security number or birthdate to a solicitor.
  • If a product seems too inexpensive or “too good to be true”, it probably is.
  • Pick up a Village of Hinsdale “No Solicitors” (3-11-5-A) sticker at the Hinsdale Police Department.  You should also register for the “No Soliciting” list on the Village of Hinsdale website (click here).
Contact the Police Department if a solicitor will not take NO for an answer, is very aggressive, violates the No Soliciting ordinance or acts suspiciously.