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The Hinsdale Police Department is an active member of the Felony Investigation Assistance Team, or FIAT. FIAT was first formed in the 1970's to allow several smaller agencies to pool their often-limited resources and personnel to handle major incidents. Today, FIAT consists of 13 municipalities in south DuPage County plus the DuPage County Sheriff's Police. FIAT largely allows all of the member agencies to share equipment, personnel and resources as needed for major crimes or significant events. FIAT has developed four distinctive programs to address the needs of police agencies.
  • Major Crimes Task Force. The Major Crimes Task Force consists of four teams of highly trained investigators who are mobilized to handle homicides, significant violent crimes, serial crimes and extended surveillances. The Hinsdale Police Department has 2 Investigators assigned to the Major Crimes Task Force.
  • Accident Reconstructionist team
  • FIAT also provides a special event / field response program. Utilizing this program, agencies can draw from other police departments to provide additional manpower at events such as large community events, street fairs or potential demonstrations.
  • FIAT SWAT Team A Multi-Jursdictional Team SWAT, Special Weapons And Tactics. The Team consists of nearly 30 members, including Hostage Negotiators, Fire Department Tactical Medics. SWAT Officers are on call 24/7. Most common SWAT Calls are: barricaded gunmen, hostage rescue and armed suicidal subjects. The SWAT Team trains on a monthly basis. Screening for team members includes: Recommendation from Department Chief, Panel Interview, Physical fitness test and successful completion of two week SWAT Class. Officers are trained in fully automatic sub-machine guns, assault rifles, and scoped rifles. FIAT Website: