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Persons with Special Needs Identification Program

Hinsdale Police Department has developed a Person(s) with Special Needs Identification Program to assist residents of Hinsdale who may be at a greater risk of becoming confused, disoriented, lost or missing. This program is designed to provide the Hinsdale Police Department with the necessary information that will allow them to make faster identifications, reunite family members quickly, and provide help to persons with special needs without delay.

The police will collect and store photographs, emergency contact information, and other personal information relevant to the special needs for someone with physical or mental disabilities. The information contained in this database is used only for emergency responders in the purpose of identifying and locating an individual who is reported missing or found wandering.

If you are interested in a family member participating in this program or have additional questions please contact Officer Karen Kowal at 630-789-7084 or    
Click here for the application and waiver forms needed to participate in this program.