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2022 Projects

2022 Road Projects Map

The Village of Hinsdale began implementing the Master Infrastructure Plan (MIP) in 2009. A proposed Accelerated Roadway and Infrastructure Plan has been approved. During this project, roads in the Village deemed as in "poor" or "failing" condition will be either resurfaced or reconstructed, along with improvements to the sewer and gutter system.

The Village will continue to provide timely updates through the website and email. If you would like to receive Construction Activity Notices via email, please contact Al Diaz, Assistant Village Engineer at  The following are the projects in 2022:


Street From/To
N.  Bruner Street Hickory Street to Walnut Street
N. Quincy Street Stough Street to Maple Street
N. Bruner Street 200 feet south of North Street
N. Monroe Street 540 feet south of Ogden Avenue
N. Madison Street Ogden Avenue to Warren Court
N. Vine Street Walnut Street to Maple Street
N. Grant Street Maple Street to Chicago Avenue
Merrill Woods Road South of Birchwood Avenue
N. Oak Street Minneola Street to The Lane
S. Clay Street South of Lincoln Street & First Street
Parking Lot Southwest of Lincoln Street & First Street
Parking Lot Post Office - south of Symonds Drive
Parking Lot Public Services Upper Lot at 225 Symonds Drive


In 2022, the Village plans to improve S. Garfield Street from Hinsdale Avenue to 55th Street. The block from Hinsdale Avenue to First Street will be resurfaced. The blocks between First Street and +/-50-feet south of 55th Street will be reconstructed in Portland Cement Concrete.  The +/-50-feet immediately adjacent to 55th Street will be resurfaced with asphalt. The Village has awarded the design and construction observation contract to Rempe-Sharpe & Associates (RSA). The project will be funded using a combination of Surface Transportation Program (federal) funds, Rebuild Illinois (state) funds, and local funds. The project schedule is listed below:

  • 12/10/21  -  Bid Advertisement by IDOT
  • 01/21/22  -  Bid Opening by IDOT
  • Mid-May 2022  -  Construction begins
  • 10/31/22  -  Construction is complete

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