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2021 Projects

2021 Road Projects Map

The Village of Hinsdale began implementing the Master Infrastructure Plan (MIP) in 2009. A proposed Accelerated Roadway and Infrastructure Plan has been approved. During this project, roads in the Village deemed as in "poor" or "failing" condition will be either resurfaced or reconstructed, along with improvements to the sewer and gutter system.

The Village will continue to provide timely updates through the website and email. If you would like to receive Construction Activity Notices via email, please contact Al Diaz, Assistant Village Engineer at  The following are the project in 2021:


  1. N. York Road - Ogden Avenue to Glendale Avenue
  2. W. Maple Street - Monroe Street to Grant Street
  3. Phillippa Street - Minneola Street to Fuller Road 
  4. W. Eighth Street - Quincy Street to Jackson Street
  5. S. Quincy Street - Eight Street to Melin Park (including parking lot)
  6. S. Washington Street - Seventh Street to Eighth Street
  7. Robbins Park parking lot (on Eighth Street)
  8. W. Third Street - Grant Street to Washington Street


  1. Chicago Avenue - Stough Street to Washington Street (Watermain Phase 2 Project)
  2. Chicago Avenue - IL Route 83 to Garfield Street (Resurfacing after Watermain Phase 2 Project Completion) 
  3. Post Circle - Garfield Street to Symonds Drive 
  4. Third Street - Grant Street to Washington Street 
  5. E. Eighth Street - Garfield Street to County Line Road (Reconstruction) 

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