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Overflow and Environmental Reports

NPDES Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)
  • The Village has partnered with the DuPage County to address the quality of the water in the Village MS4.  Information on activities provide by DuPage County and the annual MS4 report can be found on the DuPage County website by clicking here
  • This information includes Public Education and Outreach, Public Involvement/Participation, Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE), Construction Stormwater Runoff Control, Post Construction Stormwater Management, Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping, and Water Quality Monitoring.
For more information on the Village's stormwater quality, click here.

Sanitary Sewer Overflow/ Basement Back-ups Report
There have been no Sanitary Sewer Overflows in 2022 to date.

 Combined Sewer Overflow Report
 Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) events in 2022 are noted below
        Combined Sewer Overflow Locations
Veeck Park Wet Weather Facility Chestnut and Grant Street Third and Princeton Walnut Street
 02/17/22 02/17/22   02/17/22  02/17/22
 02/22/22 02/22/22   02/22/22  02/22/22
 03/30/22  03/30/22  03/30/22  03/30/22
 05/03/22  05/03/22  05/03/22  05/03/22
 07/23/22  07/23/22  07/23/22  07/23/22