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Village Transparency

The Village of Hinsdale is committed to maintaining an open dialogue with its stakeholders. To this end, below are quick links to pertinent financial and business information.

Elected & Administrative Officials

Contact information, including name, phone number and email, for all elected officials, the Village Manager and department staff, can be obtained by clicking on the appropriate link:           Elected Officials      Village Departments & Staff

Meeting Information

Village Board agendas, packet materials and minutes are available here. To access meeting information for the Village's other Committees and Commissions, please visit this page.  The Village Calendar also includes the tentative dates of all Village meetings and links to meeting materials when available.
Note: Meeting dates may be changed or canceled, subject to the requirements of the Open Meetings Act.

Taxes and Fees

For information on the Village's fees and taxes, please visit this page.


The Village budget for the current fiscal year and for prior years can be located here.

Financial Audits

The Village’s most recent annual report  is available here.  Reports for previous years are located here.

Public Records

For information on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and to download the Village's FOIA request form, please click here. Questions can be directed to the Village's FOIA officer, Village Clerk, at 630-789-7000.


Please click the following link for information on open bids & proposals for all contracts for over $20,000, along with where and how to submit a bid or proposal.


Generally, the Village of Hinsdale does not employ the services of a professional lobbyist. However, depending on how the community is effected, the Village may hire a lobbyist.  For a list of organizations of which the Village is a member, please click here.

Salary Information
The Village of Hinsdale publishes its salary information as part of its Annual Treasurer's Report.  For information on Village revenues, vendor disbursements, and public employee salaries, please visit this link.