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Mar 27, 2020

During the overnight hours of March 27, 2020 the Tollway construction of the BNSF Bridge over I-294 in Hinsdale included pile driving in the center median of I-294.  Pile driving is an activity that produces loud noise and disturbed many residents.  Upon receiving complaints from residents the Village immediately voiced objections to any continued overnight construction that included pile driving.    Below is a response that the Village received from the Tollway:

 “Thank you for reaching out regarding recent construction noise overnight on the Burlington Northern SantaFe Bridge Project.  We appreciate you bringing the concern to our attention, and we apologize for the inquiries your team has had to field.  

 Throughout the last several weeks, work in the area has included night time work necessary due to coordination with BNSF and schedule demands of the project. Communities and residents were notified of potential overnight work in a letter in early February, and we continue to regularly update municipalities daily of the work taking place. 

 The noise experienced overnight last night was related to center pier pile driving on the Tri-State Tollway (I-294).  While this type of work has occurred on this project previously, it had not been performed overnight, which we believe is the primary cause for concern. That was expedited as a result of the lane closure that was allowed by the Tollway due to recent reduction in traffic volume, and that work has now concluded.   

 Due to the concerns of your residents and the unanticipated impact of this activity on area homes, we are committed to working with our contractors to minimize this type of work from occurring overnight in the future. In the event there are instances where pile driving work is absolutely necessary overnight, residents will receive notice in advance.  That said, at this time we believe it will be minimal”

 The Tollway has promised to not conduct any pile driving activities during the overnight hours tonight and throughout the week-end. 
If residents have questions, they may contact the Tollway’s representative  Kristi Bruno at 708-292-6951, 630-470-0180, or by e-mail at
Chloe Daniels cell 630-335-4566 or e-mail