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Apr 06, 2020

Community Memorial Foundation Response Fund 
Grant Availability

Organizations who have received a grant from Community Memorial Foundation within the past three years are eligible to apply. The COVID-19 Urgent Response Fund does not affect an organization’s eligibility to apply to our regular spring and fall grant cycles or our 25th anniversary grant opportunity.

Areas of Focus
The COVID-19 Urgent Response Fund is focused on the following areas:

  •  Telehealth tools needed to build an organization’s capacity to provide essential primary healthcare and behavioral healthcare services
  •  Filling health and human services gaps in serving the disproportionately affected by specifically addressing: food insecurity, emergency shelter, basic necessities

 Grant Amount 

Organizations may request up to $25,000 from the COVID-19 Urgent Response Fund.


An eligible organization may submit a COVID-19 Urgent Response Fund Proposal by Thursday, April 9th at 9 AM by using this link. The Foundation will make funding decisions by April 17th at the latest, and will notify selected organizations.  

If you have any questions about CMF’s COVID-19 Urgent Response Fund, please contact Nan Silva at or Tom Fuechtmann at