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Feb 26, 2021

Memorial Ribbons

Dear Community Members and Stakeholders,

 Memorials to those we love and lost can play an important part in the healing process, in the aftermath of an event or in the years that follow.  The caring nature that defines Hinsdale is evident in the time so many community members have devoted to displaying memorial ribbons for loved ones throughout town.

Understandably, over time, nature takes its toll on these thoughtful tributes. What once stood as beautiful testimonials of remembrance become tattered and distract from the spirit of their placement.

Hinsdale is adopting a new policy towards memorials placed in public right of ways. The administration has adopted the following rules:

·      The ribbons should only be placed on parkway trees located in the Village’s right of way.

·      The ribbons should be removed after 14 days.

·      The parties choosing to put up the ribbons are responsible for their removal.

·      Any resident opposing the display of ribbons should feel comfortable in removing the ribbon from a parkway tree in front of their home at any time.

·      The Village reserves the right to remove the ribbons at any time.

Due to the many inquiries the Village receives regarding ribbons displays, the Village has established a dedicated page on its website memorializing ribbon tributes. This page will be updated as new ribbons are displayed.  In order to keep the website current and up-to-date, the Village asks any community members that plan to display a ribbon tribute to complete the form found here: This will assist the Village in addressing any inquiries we may receive and provide community awareness as to the purpose of the memorial ribbons.

The Village has adopted these rules to honor the loving memory of those who inspired tributes while at the same time ensuring that memorials do not become degraded afterthoughts.

Permanent memorial options are also available for those who wish to establish a lasting tribute in Hinsdale. The Village offers options such as Memorial Benches or Tribute Trees. Information on donating a Memorial Bench or Tribute Tree can be found on the Village website