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Oct 26, 2022

Effective November 2, 2022, Hinsdale Water Customers will be able to access their Water Billing Account on the new Village’s Water Billing Portal.  The new functionality will allow online access to your Water Billing Account and add the ability to make credit card payments. Also newly available is the ability to receive water bills via email.

Please see the following details to help get started.

  • Account Numbers & Customer ID Numbers: Hinsdale Water Bills include an Account Number AND a Customer ID Number.  These numbers can be found on your current water bill and are needed to register on the new online portal.
  • E-Bill: The Village will also begin to provide the option to receive your water bill via e-mail. To arrange e-billing, please call the Water Billing Department at 630-789-7020.
  • Direct Debit: Note: Customers who are currently signed up for direct debit from their bank account will not be impacted by the new functionality.

To get started:

Click here to view the online instructions to the Portal.

Click here to access the Online Portal

If you have any questions, please call the Hinsdale Water Billing Department at 630-789-7020.