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May 24, 2024

Please Click here  for a summary of the recent ordinance implemented by the Village of Hinsdale regarding the use of Electric Bikes and other electric motorized devices. In order to be considered a legal low-speed electric bicycle, it must be equipped with pedals and an electric motor with a power output of less than 750w, as cited by Illinois State Law. Additional classifications and requirements are shown. Only bicycles or legal low-speed electric bicycles can share the roadway with motorists in Hinsdale.

ANY product equipped with an electric motor with a power output GREATER than 750w is strictly prohibited on the public way. This includes scooters, one-wheels or any other electric motorized devices.

Be aware of deceptive advertisements from manufacturers that promote their products as "electric bicycles". If a product is equipped with a motor output of more than 750w and has two wheels, it is no longer considered a bicycle due to the high power motor. These products are considered dirt bikes, motorcycles, or, in some cases, a motor vehicle, despite its ability to be pedaled.

In Hinsdale, low speed stand-up electric scooters under 750w are permitted on the sidewalks, except they are NOT permitted on the sidewalks in the business district.

Please make a note that the ordinance pertaining to stand-up electric scooters and other devices under 750w are specific to Hinsdale. The legality and use of electric motorized devices will vary depending on the community you are operating them in. The Hinsdale ordinance mirrors state law as it pertains to low-speed electric bicycles.