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5G (Small Cell) Antennas

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February 2021
Senator Glowiak introduced the following legislation regarding 5g:

SB 00041 Sen. Suzy Glowiak Hilton 50 ILCS 840/15 was 50 ILCS 835/15 50 ILCS 840/45 new 
Amends the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act. Provides that a wireless provider may be required to provide the following additional information when seeking a permit to collocate small wireless facilities: (i) a written affidavit signed by a radio frequency engineer with specified certifications; (ii) a written report that analyzes acoustic levels for the small wireless facility and all associated equipment; (iii) information showing the small wireless facility has received any required review by the FCC under the National Environmental Policy Act; and (iv) a certified copy of the original easement documents and other supporting documentation demonstrating that the applicant has the right to install, mount, maintain, and remove a small wireless facility and associated equipment in specified circumstances. Provides that an authority may propose that the small wireless facility be collocated on an existing utility pole or existing wireless support structure within 200 feet (rather than 100 feet) of the proposed collocation. In provisions prohibiting an authority from requiring an application, approval, or permit or requiring any fees or other charges from a communications service provider authorized to occupy the rights-of-way for the replacement of wireless facilities with wireless facilities that are substantially similar, clarifies when changes are not "substantially similar". Provides that an authority may adopt reasonable rules requiring providers to place above-ground small wireless facilities and associated equipment and to replace larger, more visually intrusive small wireless facilities with smaller, less visually intrusive facilities. Adds provisions concerning radio frequency compliance. Makes other changes. Effective immediately.

August 2020
State Representative Mazzochi introduced the "Protect Me from 5G Act" on August 13, 2020.  Click here to find a summary of the legislation introduced and a video of the event. The act has the following key elements: radio frequency monitoring, noise monitoring, environmental protection, equipment restrictions, alternate location authority, closing application loopholes, below ground devices, and easement rules.

February 2020
Click here to view the February 18, 2020 consideration of a Resolution to amend or repeal the Small Wireless Facility Deployment Act to return control of local right-of-ways to municipalities, and a Resolution to support Federal Bills for the same purpose.

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