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Snow Shoveling Program

Snow Shovel Program SMThe Village of Hinsdale Snow Shoveling Referral Program (see guide) provides Hinsdale residents who are over age 60 or who have a disability with the names and contact information of volunteers willing to shovel snow.

The program helps to connect residents in need with residents seeking ways to volunteer and contribute to their community. 

Volunteer Shovelers
Individuals looking to give back, or who are seeking community service/volunteer hours are encouraged to complete the Application for Snow Shoveling
Contact information of participating individuals will be shared with residents in need of snow shoveling assistance. Residents will contact the volunteers directly when assistance is needed. The volunteer is responsible for snow shoveling or notifying the resident if they are unable to complete the work.

Senior Citizens or Disabled Residents In Program
Residents seeking to join the program are encouraged to fill out the Snow Shoveling Referrals Request Form. Once registered for the program, contact information will be shared with you of participating volunteers.
The resident is responsible for contacting the volunteer, and scheduling a time for shoveling. This is a volunteer service and there is no requirement to exchange money and/or goods. However, any remuneration would be worked out between the parties.

About the Snow Shoveling Referral Program
This program was initiated by the Village of Hinsdale.
The Village does not do background checks on any of the participating volunteers, seniors citizens, or persons with disabilities. Both parties should conduct their own interview and/or reference check if desired, before signing on with a particular client or volunteer. Referrals for volunteers, senior citizens and persons with disabilities will come through the Village of Hinsdale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if there are no volunteer shovelers in my area?

How do I know what to pay/charge for this service?

What if the volunteer shoveler does not show up?

How do I remove myself from this program?

Submit a Request Form for a Volunteer Shoveler

Submit a Volunteer Application