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202 East Fourth Street - Private Residence

The single-family residence is located prominently at the top of a hill and has a corner tower and a porch with columns and a pediment that make it highly recognizable in the historic Robbins Park subdivision. The house's overall form dates from its original c.1886 construction date, and has many significant features from the time of its c. 1905 remodeling. The property was designated as a landmark on December 16, 2003.

The house is a fine example of a Queen Anne style and displays significant original characteristics such as a wraparound porch with molded frieze and a row of small regularly spaced dentils and curved wood brackets. The front entrance is called out by fluted ionic columns that support the pedimented porch roof. A rounded three-story tower with a low conical roof is found on the northwest corner of the house. The house has numerous tall gables and a variety of flat and curving wall surfaces as well as decorative shingling. The house also has most of its original windows, including stained glass transoms and groupings of small, square windows in the gable ends. A variety of building materials were used to minimize the smooth wall surface. In addition to wood clapboards, wood shingles were used to create a decorative lower edge and to ornament the corner tower.

An addition to the building was completed in 1985 at the rear of the building. At time of landmark designation the property owner was restoring and updating the home and coach house.


c. 1890 - photograph courtesy Hinsdale Historical Society.


c. 1987 - photograph courtesy Hinsdale Historical Society.

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