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27 Blaine Street - Private Residence

On August 19, 2003 the Board of Trustees designated the property at 27 Blaine as a local landmark. The original portion of the single-family residence was constructed c. 1890, with the last addition completed in 2002 at the rear of the building.

The building is representative of a19th Century Gable Front vernacular style with Queen Anne elements. It has many of its original features including a full-width front porch with spindlework frieze and rail, turned columns, and a gabled entry with decorative trim. The gable peak of the house has a vergeboard with foliated trim. The house also as a characteristic bay window on the north elevation, a full-height bay and decorative transom window on the south elevation, and a front door with a transom.

The structure is located on one of Hinsdale's most intact turn-of-the-century blocks. Eleven of the houses were constructed between 1889 and 1908 and retain many of their original features.

Please contact the Village Planner at (630) 789-7030 with any questions and for assistance in designating your home as a landmark.