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338 North Elm Street - Single Family Residence

nelmOn October 2, 2001 the Village Board of Trustees adopted an ordinance that designated the property at 338 N. Elm Street (known as the Summy-Baab Residence) as a Historic Landmark.

This house, built in 1925 is a one-of-a-kind, Prairie design by George Grant Elmslie, a protégé and longtime colleague of famed architect Louis Sullivan and a strong proponent of the Prairie School of architecture whose influence was broadly felt throughout the country in the early 20th Century. The residence is one of the only houses in Hinsdale and one of the few single-family homes in northeastern Illinois designed by Elmslie in addition to being one of the few Prairie School structures in the community.

The house is situated at the top of a well-traveled thoroughfare, where its large, distinctive, white gables and unique tapered chimney are easily seen and are unique among the surrounding houses. Prairie School design based on "organic" principles and integrates the use of pebbled concrete, stucco, brick, wood, tile, metal casement windows, several large gabled masses, an angled chimney and several angled windows in the upper gables. The house contains very high quality detailing specified by the architect, including decorative columns on the porches, carefully crafted eave ends, a decorative louver on the chimney, and carefully planned brickwork, concrete and stucco. In addition most of the original steel casement windows are extant.

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