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350 North Vine Street - Burns Field Warming Shelter

nvineThe Village Board designated the property as a Historic Landmark on March 6, 2001 by adopting Ordinance O2001-15. 
The development of Burns Field park was one of a series of projects undertaken in the Village of Hinsdale and its environs by the Depression-era New Deal programs of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Designed by landscape architect Edson L. Mott and local architect R. Harold Zook, the park was built over a six-year period. The Village Board made a special effort to hire local unemployed laborers, who were paid a higher-than-normal 40-cents an hour. 

The Warming Shelter was built in 1936 in the Colonial Revival style that complements the Memorial Building. The door surrounds, windows, eaves and other details were exaggerated in size to make the Warming Shelter highly visible from a distance. It is one of the most notable landmarks on Madison Street, a major north-south artery in the Village, and is little altered from its original design.

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