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5901 South County Line Road - Katherine Legge Memorial Lodge

scntyThe Village Board designated the property as an Historic Landmark on February 6, 2001 by adopting Ordinance O2001-7.

The story of the Katherine Legge Memorial Lodge is a rich chapter in Hinsdale's history. Alexander and Katherine Legge, prominent Hinsdale residents, bought the property in 1915 for use as a summer retreat. Mr. Legge was president of International Harvester Company and an important national business figure. Mrs. Legge actively promoted the health and well being of the company's female employees. After her unexpected death in 1924, Mr. Legge donated the entire property for rest and recreational use by the female employees of International Harvester. The Lodge was built in 1927 from plans drawn by noted local architect, R. Harold Zook, who based his design, in part, on plans he had drawn for a house on the same site for the Legges. The Lodge has many Zook characteristics, such as a "spiderweb" window, heavy decorative timbers, and patterned brickwork. The original entrance was probably on the north side of the building, but a later addition moved the entrance to the west. On the east, a large enclosed porch overlooks the sloping wooded grounds. The entire property was donated to the Village in 1973, and both the Lodge and the park continue to be used for rest and recreation by the people of Hinsdale. 

The Lodge is an excellent example of Tudor Revival construction. The patterned brickwork, steeply pitched double gables, slate roof, and multi-paned casement windows are all typical of the Tudor Revival style. 


Spider glass window, typical design by R. Harold Zook.

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