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741 South Garfield Street - Private Residence

On November 4, 2003, this 1907 Craftsman style home became a landmarked structure.

The 1907 structure sits predominately at the northeast corner of Eighth and Garfield Streets and is quite visible when entering the village. It is one of the few examples of a two-story brick craftsman structure with a stone foundation in Hinsdale. The "porte co chere" on the north side of the structure adds another dimension to the relatively simple house design. Cut stone Keystones are found above the door, windows, along with stone sills. Cut stone is also included in the pillar base and porch supports.

A small addition and new garage at the rear of the property was completed in 2002 after the building was renovated beginning in 2000. The renovation included eliminating the additions at the rear, and street sides of the building and returning the porch to its original design.

This home also received a 2003 Hinsdale Historic Preservation Award, Co-sponsored by The Doings Newspaper for the category of Exterior Rehabilitation.


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