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Applications for Appearance before Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission is the public hearing review body for Landmark Designation and Historic District applications. The Commission is also the public hearing review body and final decision-maker for Certificate of Appropriateness requests. Requests for Landmark Designation and creation of Historic Districts are approved by the Village Board of Trustees, as provided by ordinance. 

The Village of Hinsdale does not collect any application, public hearing, transcript or recording fees for applications reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission. The petitioner is responsible for copies and certified, return-receipt mail notice to all property owners within 250 feet of the subject property. It is suggested that prior to completing the formal application, the property owner meet with the Village Planner to review the document. 

Deadline Schedules: Provides the submittal deadlines for appearance before the Historic Preservation Commission.

Landmark Designation: Any building, structure, or site designated as a landmark by ordinance of the Village Board, pursuant to procedure prescribed herein, that is worthy of rehabilitation, restoration and preservation because of its historic and/or architectural significance to the Village. 

Historic District: An area designated as an historic district by ordinance of the Village Board that may contain, within definable geographic boundaries, one or more landmarks and which may have within its boundaries other structures, buildings, or sites that, while not of such historic and/or architectural significance to be designated as landmarks, nevertheless contribute to the overall visual characteristics of the landmark or landmarks located within the historic district. 

Certificate of Appropriateness: A certificate issued by the Commission approving plans for the alteration, construction, removal, or demolition of a landmark or structure, building, or site within a designated historic district. 

Historic Landmark Designation 
Historic District Designation  
Preliminary Certificate of Appropriateness Review 
Certificate of Appropriateness 

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Please contact the Village Planner at (630) 789-7030 with any questions and for assistance in designating your home as a landmark.