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Dear Resident:

The Village of Hinsdale established a municipal electric aggregation program in 2012
following the successful passage of a voter referendum. The purpose of the program
was to help residents purchase electricity at rates below those offered by ComEd. The
Village of Hinsdale’s program was one of the most successful programs in northern
Illinois, with the average participating household having saved over $1,000 on electric
supply charges versus the ComEd default rate. On a community-wide basis, the
program saved $5.2 million over the past three years. Savings will continue through the
July 2015 meter reading, at which time the program will expire.

The Village has investigated the possibility of entering into a new electric aggregation
program to replace the program set to expire in July 2015, but has not found a program
that would provide any meaningful savings to residents. Thus, the Village will not be
renewing the program. Residents that participated in the program have these two

  1. Do nothing and you will automatically be moved back to ComEd supply service.
    Residents enrolled in the Village’s program will receive a ComEd “Confirmation
    of Drop” notice stating that their supply service will be switched back to ComEd.
    The notice will also state that residents will have two billing periods in which they
    may switch to another supplier, otherwise they will be required to remain on
    ComEd electric supply service for a total of 12 months.
  2. Visit www.pluginIllinois.org to compare prices and terms for other suppliers in
    ComEd territory. Please carefully review details, rates, and terms before enrolling
    with another supplier.

With the expiration of the Village’s program, residents should beware of door-to-door
solicitors, direct callers or direct mail pieces regarding electric supply and are advised to
carefully review contract terms for floating rates or early termination fees. It is
recommended that residents never release their account number to a solicitor under
any circumstance, unless they have decided to move to that supplier.

In the future, the Village will continue to monitor the electric power market to determine
if lower rates can be achieved by reinstating the Village’s electric aggregation program.
If a lower rate can be negotiated in the future, Village officials will inform residents of the
updated rate before its implementation.

Residents with questions about the suspension of the electric aggregation program are
invited to contact Finance Director Darrell Langlois at (630) 789-7014.